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Attention Spud Runners

If you are attending the Spud Run this year that the Banquet tickets need to be purchased ahead of time. (see below). Early arrival is Thursday May 21st, Normal arrivals are on Friday May 22nd. Saturday May 23rd is the Banquet at 5:00 pm and normally a led ride by ID 1 at 9:00 am Departure on Sunday May 24th.
Spud Run Banquet Tickets
Buy your Spud Run BBQ Tickets on-line using PayPal. A credit or debit card can be used in addition to a PayPal account. Tickets are $18 US each plus a $1.00 service fee. DEADLINE: May 15th, 2020
Tickets MUST be purchased prior to May 15, 2020. Use PayPal or Credit Card by clicking on ADD to Cart. When purchased through the WCC Website your name will be forwarded to the Host Hotel as paid. Your actual ticket can be obtained at the WCC Desk in the Lobby after you register for your room. Social hour 5:00pm to 6:00 pm when dinner is served. Dinner this year has an Italian flavor to it, no sliced turkey, hamburger or hot dogs this year..
Hotel reservations are to be made directly with the hotel, info below. Most rooms will be completely remodeled this year, many of you had that last year.
Any Questions or concerns please call SPUD RUN Coordinator Karl Hutchinson 916-768-0437 or email
Riverside - Logo with Tagline

The Riverside Hotel
2900 W. Chinden Boulevard | Boise, ID 83714
Phone: 208-331-4913 | Fax: 208-331-4994

As you may know Dennis Brown isnt running the group ride this year.. I have still not made plans to attend since I have 2 family weddings going on around that same time period so its not looking too good for me this year either. All the previous details from the prior years are still on the website for those brave soles wishing to go. As the immortal Dennis Brown says, be prepared for all kinds of weather and watch your speed in Oregon since they just love to ticket anyone no matter who you are. Any questions please feel free to call.

Todd Farris
CA-7 President


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